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Welcome To Chai Sutta Bar Cuddle The Kulhad With over 4.5 Lakh Kulhad Chai every day, we brew the perfect experience of happiness and create soulful memories. We are synonymous with aromatic Kulhad Chai and platterful of cool vibes. We are India’s fastest growing chai-chain & franchise that started its journey back in 2016. We envision blending Kulhad’s health benefits with the most go-to-beverage “Chai” in India. Hailing from the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh, we’re well known for our uniqueness and world-class service. We have a mission to serve a wishful cup of tea in every corner of the world. Always Welcome To Join Us & Fall In Love With Tea Again.

Hey buddy! I am satyam yadav a business person and influencer. i feel very happy when someone find my ideas and video or post useful. Business and infiuence is my hobby. I try to write post and create video which give value to viewers. I try my best to help everyone,s life through my videos and posts. I like nature, hills too much. Humanity is my first priority. i don,t judge people.